Dec 07

Fallout Shelter Gameplay, Tricks, Cheats; How to Win

IAP are pretty optional when it comes to Fallout Shelter for iOS and Android users. That is much more to say then for the most freemium model games and it’s highly positive from the developers. Some say it’s pay-to-win when it really isn’t the case. You just need to try harder and read up on your guides. Avoid using any kind of a Fallout Shelter hack. Those things are nasty on your mobile and on your account even when they are worth anything which they mostly aren’t anyway.
There are decent tips that can help you out to gain resources and build your shelter the best you can so you don’t need to purchase anything ever. You can if you want to build quicker but that doesn’t guarantee you’ll be better then someone who has better strategy and didn’t pay a dime.

fallout shelter hints

Fallout Shelter Tricks and Tips

    Don’t expand to fast. If you do, your power plant won’t be able to keep up.
  • Don’t let your dwellers have to many children to soon in the game. If you do, you won’t have enough food and water for everybody.
  • You can rush jobs for free even without premium currency but then you risk radroach problems and fires. Both can destroy your production and your dwellers. This game needs to be played smart or thing go bad very quickly.
  • Don’t purchase if you really don’t need to. Don’t worry about loosing dwellers either. They can be brought back for a few thousand caps so no biggie there.
  • Put one of your special superstars and put it in a Vault Suit. Then you can take it from room to room to check if it needs improvement.

Dec 07

Mortal Kombat X Gameplay; How to Win Easy Resources

Mortal Kombat X for mobile is a new take on a famous franchise which mixes movie characters with entirely new gameplay. It is more like a role playing then fighting game. You need to level up your characters and fight rivals while you collect new champions. The graphics are excellent and the gameplay engaging. You can even unlock certain items to use for PC or console versions when you synchronize your accounts. A lot of stuff to do and a lot of fan to enjoy but this game is known to be costly if you are not careful. This time we won’t talk about any Mortal Kombat X hack. That stuff is strictly forbidden to use so forget about it. There is not much luck with it anyway so stick to a proven legit methods and try some decent tricks like the ones we have here.

Mortal Kombat X Tricks

The best results are achieved if you start playing with Shinnok.
Follow the stated location from Krypt and buy stages for Koins. Get Dead Woods stage, Outworld Marketplace stage and stage.

Farm easy experience and koins. First choose two player option and then the Kustom Kombat. After you select your fighters, hit Modifiers. You need to have Brutality Kombat and Dizzy Fatality Kombat in a combo and the two mods that don’t involve random things. Dizzy fatality causes fighters to become dizzy and then you can perform a fatality to end the fight while the Brutality Kombat takes away the need to use Brutalities so it can be used at any time to end the match with instant finish and bonuses.

Mortal Kombat X Fatalities

You have twenty six fatalities to choose from. Combinations are in the moves list so you need to figure it out or just read out list below. Performed once, these fatalities stay unlocked in the moves list. Fatalities can also be purchased. We don’t have a complete list of fatalities and brutalities but you can get it here.

Brutality (Between The Eyes): Left, Right, Square
Fatality 1 (Bubble Head): Right, Down, Left, Right, Square (Mid)
Fatality 2 (Selfie): Down, Right, Down, Left, Circle (Mid)

Brutality 1 (Migraine): Down, Left, Circle
Brutality 2: Down, Right, Square + Block

Fatality 1 (Bug Me): Left, Right, Left, X (Mid)
Fatality 2 (Heart Broken): Right, Left, Right, Triangle (Close)

Brutality 1 (Nether Force): Jump, Down, Left, Circle + Block
Fatality 1 (Inner Workings): Down, Up, Left (Mid)

Dec 07

Marvel Contest of Champions Gameplay, Guide, Tips, Tricks

Marvel Contest of Champions is a hard freemium mobile game. It’s almost impossible to play it without spending money. When you do try to do so, the game becomes frustrating and grinding. Give up? For any true Marvel fan this is not an option so some people turn to cheating and using Marvel Contest of Champions hack. Does that help? From the previous experiences by other players, it turns out it doesn’t. What is one to do then? Spend a fortune on IAP or play a boring game as others have fun with it? No, that is not an answer either. What you can do is read up on some Marvel Contest of Champions game guides and try to play as good as you can. Try to have a good start and a decent strategy so when you do need to spend money, you spend it wisely and as little as possible. Here we have some proven Marvel Contest of Champions tricks for you. Maybe it won’t bring you much resources but some bonuses and an edge in fights are guaranteed.

Marvel Contest of Champions Tricks, Guides and Tips

Mix you attacks. Learn the basic moves and work on your combo. Throw in a mix of attacks at your opponent by combining dashes, dodges, light and medium blows. Find a right combo for best results.

Best strategy for the Battle Arena is to corner your rivals. Try a right swipe for a light hit and a series of taps for a combo.
Use special attack when the bar filly up and you rival gets defensive.

Make use of special attacks. When you are attacking a stronger rival, use special attack. The meter fills up while you fight. When it gets filled, use it to bring a devastating attack.

Marvel Contest of Champions Special Attacks

Get an advantage and confuse your rival by using Dodges and Dashes. Swipe left to use a dodge and avoid a series of hits and to avoid being cornered.
Swipe right to dash and rush your rival then release a series of hits.

Dec 04

Clash of Clans Gameplay, Guide, Tips & Tricks

Just like a lot of other games, Clash of Clans has all sorts of little tricks and glitches you learn over time spent playing. Those are not documented or known to everyone. Some tricks are not even tricks but simple strategy proven to be working by people who play COC long enough. Here is a list collected from such experienced gamers all in one place. With this kind of guides you really don’t need to actually cheat. There is no need to search for any non legit methods like Clash of Clans hack. No need to be dishonest and use any kind of non legit trick, glitch or anything like that. COC can be played honestly without cheating with a little help of guides like this.

Clash of Clans Game Guide, Tips & Tricks

Take revenge when attacked while away

Sad truth is, your village will get attacked often when you are not around. It sucks to find your village plundered and destroyed but it is also an opportunity. Getting attacked while you are away leaves you with a rare chance to attack back but with a chance to learn about their village, train your troops accordingly, check their storage and attack when you are ready and when you know exactly what are you dealing with and is it worth it.

Barracks are not just for training troops

You can queue troops to train but then your elixir gets spent. You can cancel training for queued troops until your
Barracks are full and your elixir will be saved until you return. A lot of elixir can be saved this way.

Sweet Victory achievement

Clash of Clans sweet victory 1

Sweet Victory achievement brings 450 gems and 3 stars. To reach this you need to find and take down villages that leave their town hall outside the walls. Some people really do that, you just need to find them. Find them and take your prizes.

Use Heroes to drop trophies
Clash of Clans Heroes

After a while you’ll probably want to loose some trophies because the competition got too powerful for you to handle. To avoid the cost of troops, training and elixir, use heroes. Take the heroes to a match and end it before the hero gets damaged. No harm done and you’ve successfully dropped some trophies.

Oct 28

The Sims Freeplay 2015 – Gameplay, Guide and More

The Sims FreePlay has been around for quite some time now so, naturally, there are some realy neat tricks and glitches going around. Some can be used to get all sorts of stuff from items to currency. So let’s go through some of the cheats and tricks to get those Simoleons without actually paying for them.

The Sims Freeplay Gameplay

Use cooking to get Lifestyle Points

Complete the Bread Winner Quest to unlock the cooking hobby.
Get as many Sims on the project as you can. Then get them the appliances; oven, toaster and counter for each.
Find the space to cook. Space out your Sims so they don’t get in the way of each other.
Now start cooking.
Clean the dishes regularly so you don’t slow down the game because of pilling up the dirty dishes.
Completing a whole collection you will get you 5 Lifestyle Points. repeat as much as you like.

The Sims FreePlay Cooking

Use the Infinite Lifestyle Points Cheat

You get rewarded with 5 Lifestyle Points every time you reach a new population milestone. Delete an item to get back under the milestone award. Now end the game and put it back on – congrats, you got 5 Lifestyle Points again as soon as you buy an item!

Unlimited Money Cheat

Now that you have all of that extra Lifestyle Points, use them to buy features items like coffin bed. Now sell the coffin bed for 2 000 and repeat as much as you like.

Infinite Lifestyle Points Hack

Try the Sims FreePlay Lifestyle Points Hack tool to generate LP. Allegedly those tools can go for infinite amounts depending on repetition.

Long actions done quickly trick

Make your sim do something like building a house two minutes before midnight. One the midnight comes, your sim’s job will be done. Repeat anytime you wish as long as it’s two minutes before midnight! Trying to be funny.

Money grows on trees quest trick

Get Money plants by completing “money grows on trees” quest. Get the points for your sim then roll the slot when it pops up. You can get anywhere from 2500 to 5 000 or more.

Those are the most interesting cheats and hints for The Sims FreePlay that are well known. Check back for more in the future.

Oct 28

Game of War Fire Age Gameplay for iOS/Android with Video

Game of War Fire Age is a strategy based game but when you start playing all you can do is to build and wait and then wait some more to upgrade those same buildings one at a time. If it sounds boring, it actually is. After you spend ages on building all sorts of facilities you can proceed with learning in an Academy and training your troops.
The game has somehow became a hit but how, it’s a mystery. It does hook you in after a while.

Game of War: Fire Age Gameplay

After you build what needs to be built, you can start to participate in quests. There three types of quests; Empire quest, Alliance quest and Daily quest. After you start the quest you need to wait the required time for it to start. So you wait for that too.
You can join an alliance and see if someone accepts you. Hopefully some alliance will, eventually. Once you get in an alliance, you can ask for help from other members. One other thing to know is, every time a member of your alliance spends real money, all members of your team get a bonus.
From here on you can collect rewards, restart the timers and aid your fellow members. There is that pride and joy of belonging in a community that is an alliance. The game is not that fun but it has it’s good sides.
In the end what makes this game enjoyable and popular is the sense of community, playing with real people and everything that comes with it. Alliances can kick you out, others can take you in. Drama, frustration, pleasure and competition are the secret of this game that makes it a success story. In a sense, this game is a game of war by itself – highly competitive and in the end, it’s entertaining for that reason.


Game of War Fire Age gameplay

In-app Purchase system

Here we have another “freemium” mobile app and all of those are quite alike. Game of War Fire Age is inclined to take your money and some people try to avoid that by resorting to dodgy cheating. The fact that tools like Game of War hack simply can’t and don’t work doesn’t stop them from trying. Do as you like but, overall, give this game a go if you like taking part in multiplayer strategy games like Clash of Clans or Samurai Siege.

Video Gameplay

Oct 28

Deer Hunter 2016 by Glu – iOS/Android Gameplay with Video

Finally we have a new Deer Hunter released and ready for download and play. Some things have changed but overall, most of it remain the same with an addition of some nice effects. Deer Hunter 2016 gameplay has not changed much from the previous release. Unfortunately for the old fans but the new ones do expect a gameplay to be explained so here goes nothing.

Deer Hunter 2016 Gameplay

This is a new edition of an old game so some things are expected to remain the same and familiar. In this case there is probably too much of these things but it is what it is.
As for the gameplay, it can be summarized in one sentence – shoot for the lung to get extra money. That is the most valuable advice anyone can give you when it comes to Deer Hunter 2016. It’s the standard procedure for the hunt anyway so it’s obvious if you know your hunting basics. Most people don’t since they are not hunters so there it is.
Shoot a lot of animals and other functions will unlock.
As you go along, you’ll have to buy a lot of new weapons and upgrade them. You can earn some extra money by doing Contracting hunts. Then you’ll be able to go to trophy hunting. Trophy hunting must be done to unlock the next world.
This Deer Hunter starts with world 1, Alaska after which it moves to world 2, Texas and then comes the world 3, Colorado. That’s three worlds in total if you haven’t been counting. Updates are probably going to introduce new worlds as it was the case with the game’s predecessors. Design is as lifelike as ever which continues the tradition of the amazing design in Deer Hunter.

Deer Hunter 2016 Gameplay

What’s New in Deer Hunter 2016

You have to complete different jobs. Sometimes you’ll need to hunt for more then one animal. Sometimes you’ll need to use different shots (heart or a lung shot). Infrared makes this easy.

Now the prey animals look different from the predators. Prey runs away while the predators run up to you. Now you are given the name of the species when you zoom in.

In-Game Purchases

These are numerous and the need for it comes often, even more often then in the predecessors. Of course, the questions of the hack for Deer Hunter 2016 and all sorts of cheating tools come up but as we know, non of these kind of tricks ever work so you’ll probably have to make peace with that fact this game isn’t on the cheap side.

Deer Hunter 2016 Gameplay Video

Oct 27

SimCity BuildIt iOS/Android Gameplay with Video

It’s been almost a year since Electronic Arts’s Simcity Buildit was released for iOS and Android worldwide. It’s still the most downloaded Sims game to this day. What have we learned about it so far and why are we not tired of it yet, learn in the upcoming text. Learn everything there is to know about SimCity Buildit and beyond.

SimCity BuildIt Gameplay

SimCity Buildt The Gameplay

SimCity Buildt is free to download and play with in-app purchase system. It’s basically the same as Simcity but adjusted for mobile platforms capabilities.


First thing to keep in mind is the currencies. SimCity Buildt has three currencies. Simoleons which can be earned in-game or purchased with SimCash. SimCash is the second currency and it’s a premium one which can be purchased with real life money. There are also Golden keys which can be earned only by completing shipment or disaster challenges.
Taxes depend on how happy the residents are. Buildings are arranged manually. You need industrial and commercial buildings to produce the products all of which is needed for residential areas to thrive and upgrade. Just like a real city, SimCity Buildt takes organization and good planing. Everything depends on your citizens happiness so keep them happy and satisfied so they pay taxes and the city thrives.


Services your residential area needs are: power, sewage, waste management, fire, police, health and government.


You also need to have your specialization buildings to boost your population and improve the quality of life of your citizens. Higher quality equals more and happier citizens. Some of those include parks, education, transportation, entertainment, gambling, landmarks and a beach.


For disaster to happen a Vu Tower needs to be built and leveled up. That depends on a level player is at. The higher the level, more disasters are unlocked. You can expect six types of disasters; meteor strike, alien invasion, tornado, robot and earthquake.

Besides the gameplay, fans and haters alike are interested in other things concerning SimCity Buildt. Oftentimes they ask about ways to cheat like SimCity Buildt hack and alike. It’s not recommended or wise to cheat or hack any mobile or whatever game or whatever what. Do not make any comments or questions concerning this type of stuff. Keep it real and play to have fun not to cheat. For more Simcity BuildIt gameplay guides check out the Mayor’s guide to SimCity BuildIt.

SimCity BuildIt Gameplay Video